What people have said about Hearing Aids - second edition

Candidates for Hearing Aids

Veeeery good. I very much enjoyed reading it and learned a lot. It is well written and the chapter contains a great deal of information. The list of references is impressive! Importantly, the chapter provides a well balanced picture of factors (un)related to hearing aid candidacy. -. Sophia Kramer

Numerous chapters

Boy, it is a very comprehensive review of all the new things about hearing aids that I am aware of (and also something that I am not aware of). Great job! I think the readers will like this a lot. - Francis Kuk

Pediatric issues

Is so easy to read, amazingly comprehensive, and loaded with common sense suggestions. Carol Flexer.

Directional microphones and signal processing schemes

I learnt quite a bit, no other such concise description of the material exists! Stefan Launer.


This chapter is exceedingly well-organized and written and you've managed to cover a large amount of critically important material quite economically.. Harvey Abrams.